A greek brand,
founded in 2017.

When creating this brand we tried to find a nice amalgam between the different aspects of life and bring them together in a nice mix. Baby and children’s wear that were intended to balance comfort and style. Easygoing, but with a twist. Stylish yet approachable. Cuddly and soft like no other, yet affordable. Different yet simple. Playful yet light. A small luxury in the everyday life. Colors and combinations that were unique but when seen together made it the only possible choice. Day and night, summer and winter, yin and yang. Something that refers to what many souls seek, and what young souls already have intact - called “Oneness”. We visioned how our clothes could show a bit of this so called harmony. We hope your Kids will enjoy them.
May the Tiki God of Light and Life bring more blessings to you and your loved ones.

Unique clothes and accessories for babies and children till the age of 12.

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